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    Protect your Concrete Surfaces with high-quality sealant product

    Is sealing concrete a good idea?

    Sealing your concrete surfaces is always a good idea because it will preserve the concrete's aesthetic and longevity while bringing our its rich color. The sealer acts as a barrier to prevent water or oil from absorbing into the concrete by beading it on the surface. This helps concrete last longer, especially in the wintertime here in St. Louis. Without this extra layer of protection, concrete will absorb moisture and may begin to crack, spall, flake, and discolor. Our concrete professionals have the experience and skillset to tackle any concrete sealing projects that you may have for us, including driveways, patios, pools, garages, pavers, and any other outdoor concrete surfaces.

    Our Process

    At Kerbler and Sons Concrete, We pay close attention to our process and how we execute each project to ensure the same quality results for each client. We started with cleaning your concrete surfaces with our pressure washer and cleaning solutions to take the built-up dirt, oil, and other moisture on the concrete. After they are cleaned and dried up. We then apply the sealing solutions on your concrete surfaces to bring out the color and protect the surfaces from moisture and adverse weather changes. Every surface is unique and so there is no sealant that fits all needs. Our St. Louis Crews are educated in a wide array of versatile sealants that provide appropriate properties. We have a wide variety of sealant selections from completely invisible silicone-based sealants designed to penetrate and prevent green algae to slippery acrylic film-forming sealants designed to enrich tiled pool slides and reduce friction. We believe in transparency and this company is built on honesty. We will not hold back any information or suggestions so that you have all the information to make a decision that is best for your home. If you don't know where to start, give us a call for a free consultation and one of our professionals is ready to assist you.

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